Registration FAQ

Some of the frequently asked questions for registration page

Q. Who should register?

A. Every family (residing in USA, Canada, Mexico) can register. Every family needs one single registration. Primary Member should add all relevant information for spouse and children. For children above 25, please create an independent registration. If primary account is registered and has added their spouse’s email, then spouse will get error while creating a new registration for their family (We want to avoid duplicate registration from same family).

Q. What does the “Check Email” on registration page mean?

A. On the registration page, every user will need to verify their email address by clicking on the “Check Email button”. This check is mandatory for everyone and will also avoid filling up remaining data if your spouse has already registered for your family.

Q. What will happen once I register?

A. After registration everyone will receive an email with subject “[KOJAIN] Activate your account”. Please check your spam/junk folder if you don’t find this activation email. Unless the account is activated, you will not be able to view and edit your own profile.

Q. What happens if I miss activating my profile?

A. If you miss activating your profile and try to login using the registered email, it will give you an option to resend the activation email.

Q. The registration does not ask for password. How is this account secure?

A. Every time a user wants to login, they will get one time password (OTP) for their registered email address and can use the OTP for successful login.

Q. I am a life member, but it is still giving me buy membership option.

A. The current phase is only data collection. We will need manual effort to verify and mark life members in the database. Until data verification is completed, all users will see the option of “buy membership” once they login.

Q. How do I verify if I completed the registration earlier? 

A. After activation, you can verify your registration details using following steps

1. Click on Login button from right corner
2. Enter your email address you have registered with
3. Get OTP from your email and enter
4. You will see your Profile details.


Q. Why am I unable to view other members?

A. Member information to view will only be available to KOJAIN life members. However please note that current phase is for data collection only. You will be able to view other member information once the data collection is complete and manual verification has been done by KOJAIN BOD.

Q. Why don’t I find any occupation for s/w engineer or Gastroenterologist etc?

A. Occupation field has generic occupations like Engineer (instead of chemical, civil, computer, s/w, h/w etc), Doctor (instead Family practice, eye surgeon, gastro etc). We will add another field in future to modify and be more specific. If you don’t find a matching occupation field then feel free to select “Other” as an occupation for now.