Matrimonial WhatsApp Group for candidates and their parents
KOJAIN has a volunteer-run WhatsApp group for candidates and their parents. This group is for North America based Kutchi Oswal Jain candidates and their parents only to provide matrimonial support.

1. This group will be focused on supporting candidates based in North America only.
2. Only candidates and parents that register at the link below will be considered for group membership.
3. Registration form requires that candidates’ basic details are provided for Group Admin review.
4. Group Admins will review the information for eligibility of the candidates and their parents to the WhatsApp Group.
5. Only Group Admins will be allowed to post in the group to avoid unnecessary messages and forward.
6. On Saturdays, admins will post the eligible female candidates’ details.
7. On Sunday, admins will post the eligible male candidates’ details.
8. Candidate details shared in this group are for the group members only. Please do not forward them to non-members.
9. Members can contact the admins to remove themselves from the weekly updates and/or from the WhatsApp group.
10. Members are encouraged to share their feedback with the admins via WhatsApp or via or
11. Group Admins retain the final authority on guidelines and regulations to run this WhatsApp group smoothly for the benefit of the community. KOJAIN or admins are not responsible for actions.
12. Group Admins will continue to take guidance from KOJAIN Leadership and BOD to make necessary changes to the WhatsApp group guidelines.
13. Group Admins will continue to encourage group members to become KOJAIN members.
14. Group Admins will continue to encourage group members to advertise in KOJAIN newsletter for wider exposure.

*How to Register
To join this WhatsApp group, please register matrimonial candidate and parent info using the link .