KOJAIN Newsletter is one wonderful way of communicating within our community and sharing news and events. It is published on a quarterly basis and is available on the website as well as sent out via email blasts.

Find the latest Newsletter here 

Volume 58: November 2022

Volume 57: July 2022

Volume 56: April 2022

Volume 55: Sep 2021

You can always send any newsletter items from your area to newsletter@kojain.com If you wish to share the special events of your family with the other KOJAIN community members. Examples of the news items are given below:

· An Event, Occasion, or an Incident that is of interest to all · Names of young adults who have been graduated from universities · Outstanding Educational Achievements · Outstanding Cultural Achievements · Marriage or Engagement Announcement/Event · Silver/Golden Wedding Anniversary event · Any unfortunate sad event · Any special event like a birth of a child


1) KOJAIN reserves the right to edit the submitted news item to fit in the Newsletter

2) If you have moved, your address is not correct or not printed in the latest KOJAIN Directory, please send your New Address/Telephone No/Email address to the Secretary of the KOJAIN immediately.

3) To join KOJAIN as a Member, Click on the Membership form given on the Home Page. Fill in all the items in a legible manner or use the system and print out the form and send along with a check made out to ‘KOJAIN’. Send the completely filled in form and the check to the KOJAIN Treasurer.

4) KOJAIN encourages everyone to join as a Life Member and thereby support KOJAIN and its activities.