KOJAIN was established as a non-profit, charitable in October of 1995. The Kachchhi Oswals started coming to the United States for higher education in moderate numbers in the 1960s. An influx of large numbers of Kachchhis occurred in the 1970s and 1980s. The Information Technology graduates dominated the 1990s. Now it is estimated that approximately 1200 Kachchhi Oswal families are residing in North America.

It was October of 1995 when the constitution was passed and KOJAIN was born. Elections were held and the first governing body was elected for a two-year term for 1996-97. Thereafter We have had elections for the two-year terms. Our main purpose of KOJAIN is to maintain, enhance, understand, and appreciate Kutchi culture and language.

2019 KOJAIN Tapasvi List

To view the list of all Tapasvi’s who have done more than 8 days of consecutive fast or have done Tapp for more than 8 days across of ALL Regions. Please click the link

Merit Scholarship Program

KOJAIN continuously strives very hard to bind, support and stimulate progress amidst the North American Kachchhi Oswal Jain residing in North America and Canada in many walks of life. EDUCATION is one of the key aspects of progress. Scholarship Committee under the KOJAIN Executive Committee has launched this year’s SCHOLARSHIP 2016.

Children of KOJAIN Life Members graduating from the High school from North American and entering colleges/universities for higher education are eligible to apply for one-time scholarship.

Host Family

KOJAIN has formed a host family network in North America for the benefit of Kachchhi Students coming from India for higher studies here in the United States and Canada. The host families may also host Kachchhi Youths born and/or raised in the U.S., who are visiting other states for college search, job hunting or even for recreational purposes and desiring room and board on a very temporary basis (1 to 2 days).

Loan Program

KOJAIN provides Interest free financial assistance to needy persons in the community of Kachchhi Oswal Jains in North America. Loan program is available for Students as well as for people in need.

To read more about the loan program please click here