Mentor Mentee Program

An initiative aimed at fostering meaningful connections within our community.

Mentee enrollment is now open.

We have received overwhelming response on Mentor enrollment.

For Mentees, this program is a great opportunity to receive personalized advice from experienced professionals, build life-long relationships, expand your professional network and develop key professional skills that include goal setting, strategic planning, and communication.

For an overview of Mentee eligibility, responsibilities, FAQs and to sign up visit –

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to MMP Team at



KOJAIN Directory – Registration is Open

It is time to collect KOJAIN Community Census!

It is time to document the growth we have seen in the KOJAIN community in last 10 years.

Our last KOJAIN directory was published in 2013.

Just like government census we are starting the initiative to collect the latest data for all KOJAIN community members residing in North America.
While social media helps us connect with anyone instantly, the benefits of having community data are multi-fold.
Many of our members benefit from this source of information to connect with friends, while traveling, while looking for host families for international students etc etc.

With the changing times, we are now moving towards an online directory instead of a physical directory.
We are inviting entire KOJAIN community (irrespective of your KOJAIN membership) to register.
We request/urge each KOJAIN family residing in North America to register.

Even if you submitted your data earlier online or your family data exists in the 2013 directory, we request that you fill the registration form again.

Before you register, please visit this FAQ page for a quick summary of some of the questions that you might have during registration.

To register your family visit

If you have any questions or encounter technical issues during directory data registration process, please send email to and we will reach out to you ASAP.