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Tours Update

Jai Jinendra Thanks to all those who showed their interest in tours. We have made arrangements for your stay from July 9th through July 12th...
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Enjoy, Express, Educate, Entertain

From opening day registration at 2:00pm on July 13 through the closing at Noon on July 15, enjoy delicious food and company.  Let the Kachchhi in you Express itself in various ways in this Sammelan.  Educate yourself through various informational sessions.  Get Entertained through various entertainment programs. Details coming soon…..

Kachchh Jo Dhabkaar, Valley Jo Rankaar

Our theme this year is “Kachchh Jo Dhabkaar, Valley Jo Rankaar”.  Kachchh resides in our every heartbeat. Let us together recreate Kachchh in Silicon Valley and experience the various heartbeats of our motherland in our adopted land.

Experience Bay Area Hospitality

San Francisco Bay Area is one of the fastest growing hubs for Kachchhis and a technology powerhouse.  Come, meet old friends and make new ones. As a cherry on the top,  Kachchhi Asadi Beej falls on Jul 14, 2018. What better way to celebrate the Kachchhi New Year than to be with your fellow Kachchis while enjoying the Sammelan.


San Mateo Marriott, San Francisco Airport